Moving Boxes

Moving House? Meet Lane Cove’s Best Furniture Removalists


Finding the best removalists can be tricky. What services do different moving companies offer? How do they charge? Are there hidden fees? What are there reviews like?


At Alongshore we pride ourselves on our transparent pricing with no hidden fees, but that is just the beginning. We offer honest, reliable quotes so you know what to expect come moving day. In our local areas like Camperdown, Stanmore, Newtown, North Sydney, and Lane Cove, no travel charges apply. Our team of furniture removalists don’t just get your things from A to B professionally, efficiently and as quickly as possible; we also help you to setup when you arrive. We’ll put beds and other furniture together, reconnect washing machines or appliances, and we bring our own tools to help you with a wide range of miscellaneous moving tasks, at no extra charge. And our reviews speak for themselves. Contact us today and talk to one of Lane Cove’s best moving companies.


Moving with kids or the big family home?


There’s nothing like moving house to make you realise how much stuff you accumulate over a lifetime! As you fill box after box, you wish there was someone to help you. The kids are struggling to come to terms with the move, but you don’t have enough time to talk them through it. It seems there’s always one more thing on the to-do list. We know those feelings well; we see them played out almost every day. When you’ve been furniture removalists for as long as we have, you get to know how it works and how to make it less stressful for your customers.


That’s why at Alongshore Removals we offer a wide range of relocation services to make the move as stress free as possible. We can help as little or as much as you want. We can get in and out as quickly as possible and just “move the big stuff”. Want boxes delivered to your door as well as the move? You got it. Want us to do the move and help set up the kids’ rooms and unpack the kitchen? Done! Don’t want to do a thing? Not a problem. We can sort your entire relocation with a “Pack, Move and Unpack” and have all the removals boxes and packing materials brought to your door and taken away once complete. At Alongshore we offer bespoke moving solutions for every job to provide you with exactly the services you require and nothing more. These are just some of the reasons we are one of the best moving companies in Sydney.



Trusted furniture removalists for over 30 years


Whether you’re moving to or from Lane Cove, we’re one of the most experienced moving companies you can choose for the job. Use the phone number below or fill in our form to get a quote on your next move.