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Moving truck in Sydney
No stress 
  • Industry trained professionals not just a man and his van
  • Difficult access? No problem
  • We can arrange removals insurance at no extra cost
  • When you have a good experience with us, you tell your friends and we rely on that.

Taking the stress out of your move

We take the stress out of moving house or that third storey apartment. We rely on word of mouth and repeat business. We make sure you have a good experience with us because that's just good business. We will always give you our honest opinion about how long your move will take and the best way to move your house, apartment or small office efficiently.

Experienced removalist team

Our teams of professional furniture removalists are industry trained. Our team leaders - Matt, Shane or Steve - each have more than ten years’ experience with all sorts of moves, big and small.

Alongshore Removals has a lot of experience moving houses with difficult or limited access including those requiring balcony lifts, long distances from the door to the moving truck, or tight corners.

Specialist equipment to protect your belongings

We have all the materials needed to protect your furniture during the move including blankets, specialist removalist straps, ropes, dollies, trollies etc. We can even organise removals insurance for you at no extra cost, on request, to give you even more peace of mind.

You can rely on us because we rely on you

Alongshore Removals has been operating for thirty years because our customers refer us to their friends and family and use us again and again. For us professional, courteous, and quality packing and moving services just makes good business sense.

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