Pricing for removalist

Women showing our moving prices are simple

Our pricing is simple:

What we do
  • Charge in 15 minute increments so you don't pay for time we don't use

  • Charge a minimum of 2 hours

  • Provide fixed base to base charges if these apply, and tell you up front

  • Provide three options for payment - cash, EFT, credit card (incurs a 2% surcharge)

  • Include GST in all our prices.

What we don't do
  • DO NOT CHARGE booking fees

  • DO NOT CHARGE fuel levies (except for outside the Sydney Metropolitan area)

  • DO NOT ADD EXTRA to tolls; these are charged to you at cost

  • DO NOT CHARGE EXTRA to move specialist items and delicate furniture; including antiques. 

Moving truck
Furniture removals
2 Movers & a truck -
$170 per hour
Additional mover - $60 per hour per person



Professional removalist
Packing & unpacking
1 packer at $80
(3 hour minimum)
Additional packer - $60 per hour per person



Moving boxes
Moving boxes & packing materials
Hire or buy - see pricing
FREE drop off and pick up service for orders over $60
100% refund for any boxes not used and ready to pick up on your moving day.