Moving with kids?

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You do enough, let us help
  • Tips to help make your pack and your move a little easier on you and the kids
  • Special offers to help you out, parents have enough on their plate so lets make this one an easy decision.

Moving with kids?

Until we had kids we never really understood what people were talking about when they said it took twice as long to get out the door. Now that we get it, we’ve done what we can to make moving with kids just that little bit easier.


We’ve combined our thirty years removals experience, with a mum’s viewpoint (thanks hon), and research from child psychologists to give you some tips to make moving with kids a little less stressful for them and for you.  See our posts on

Deals for you​

The “Mummy’s little helper”

Four hours packing service with one packer for just $200. To give you an idea, on average one packer can do two kids bedrooms and the kitchen in four hours. Which means you don’t have to have any of that done until the day before your move.

The “Dad's got this sorted”

Book in to pack, move and unpack with Alongshore Removals we will:​​

  • Provide all the packing materials for a flat rate of $100 (for a three bedroom house this is an average saving of around $300)

  • Bring all the packing materials and take them all away again for free

  • Do it all for you - so you can focus on the kids and not the boxes

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